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I have become spoiled by working for the State and having Furlough Fridays twice a month.  However, today is not one of them.  But I am still thankful because . . . I worked hard and long all day yesterday.  … Continue reading

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The Power of 2

If 2 people think a third is, shall we say, unaware of her surroundings to a point of distraction, does that make the 3rd person nuts by consensus? I am 2 Saturdays from the City Wide Yard Sale that is … Continue reading

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On the House

Please Note:  There was a coupon in this spot.  It has expired so the picture left.  But I like the thought of sharing with you–so I left it. I work for the state and we are in the throes of … Continue reading

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Tweet, Tweet

I should go to bed before my eyes start to burn. I still consider myself on time at work if I get there before 8:20. My boss wants me to coordinate a Staff Retreat–no staff member wants a retreat.  Great. I … Continue reading

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Is There a Doctor in the House?

There is a doctor who attends our church.  She can afford high quality clothes but does not opt to buy them.  Her new clothes come folded in a box, like they’re from Fingerhut or something.  You can always see those fold lines when … Continue reading

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Today I Will . . .

Focus on getting more work done here at work as soon as I finish this post and paying some bills online and call my girl to see how her weekend went. Find my external hard drive.  I have some pictures I need to … Continue reading

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Follow Up to The Tax Man Cometh

OK, you know the saga from the April 15th The Tax Man Cometh entry. Here is the rest of the story. Around 2:00 p.m. the tax guy called Mr. Hyde to let him know that there was a “computer glitch”.  The … Continue reading

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