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HELP Me Somebody!

I have come to appreciate and enjoy your views on life and all that it throws at you.  I have revealed more of myself to strangers than I ever thought I should.  But, hey, what’s a little revelation among blogsters? I … Continue reading

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New York City Wrap Up

Last week was longer than I thought it would be considering I was on a New York City theatrical high! I actually got to talk to AND touch Viola Davis and Zel (Denzel for the commoners) on Saturday.  Both were accessible and friendly with their … Continue reading

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Before you try to figure the title or the graphic, just read.  Trust me. Dr. Jekyll took me to the Airport for my 10:45 AM flight to New York City. Three things about Doctor Jekyll: 1.  He does NOT like traffic or … Continue reading

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My Bags Are Packed

When I go to church I go expecting life-changing words; insight into my personal life; and untold blessings.  Well, guess what happened Sunday that I am just now able to put in words?  A blessing. The life-changing words:  Do you want to … Continue reading

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Let Me Count the Ways

I do not expect hyped, glamorized, overnight relationships between couples in Hollyweird to last past the next edition of People magazine.  I do not expect that “chemistry” between co-stars to make to the serial movie.  Truthfully, I did not expect Bill … Continue reading

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