Let Me Count the Ways

I do not expect hyped, glamorized, overnight relationships between couples in Hollyweird to last past the next edition of People magazine.  I do not expect that “chemistry” between co-stars to make to the serial movie.  Truthfully, I did not expect Bill and Hillary to still be together. 

However, Al and Tipper Gore seemed to have a solid foundation upon which their marriage was based and had lasted.  They definitely knew each other, they were high school sweethearts.  They had struggled and survived a child’s death–together.  They had been on the political road through glorious victories and devastating defeat.  Nobel Prizes and children’s bake sales at school.  That genuine? kiss and I’m sure days of not speaking at all — after all they were married for 40 lonnnnng years!  Keep it real.  Growing apart?  What is that even supposed to mean? 

Their plans to divorce got me to thinking about Dr. Jekyll/Mr.  Hyde and me.  On June 26 we will celebrate? our 39th wedding anniversary.  BTW:  We dated for 4 years prior to marriage, maybe we were slow learners but we married anyhow.  What has kept us together?  What keeps us from separating?  Well . . .

  • We think and act as if we know each other although it amazes me that we can still surprise each other.
  • We probably could have split long ago except Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde and I can never ever come to a consensus! 
  • We still make plans for new adventures — around the world.
  • We function well together, when and if it is absolutely necessary. 
  • We know how to function independently, when and if it is absolutely necessary.
  • We have 4 lovely children–choke, choke, gag, gag–lol
  • We have 3 wonderful grandchildren–for real doh!  However, we do admit to a few mistakes raising their silly a_s  parents.
  • We insure our staying together by my continuing to work while Dr. Jekyll and/Mr. Hyde are in their 11th year of retirement.  (Don’t say “ooh” or “ouch”.  This really works well!)

I know.  You were expecting words like:  love, cherish, adore, value, trust, respect, blah, blah, blah — that’s in there somewhere, as well.  But do notice that each statement started with WE.  Neither of us signed up to do this alone or until we “grew” to not needing the other.  Don’t groan but we actually complement the other.  Can’t believe I said that, much less I never thought I’d put that in writing.

If your growth takes you on two seperate-never-to-converge paths maybe you should go.  This scenario leads me to believe they’ve just been waiting for a while for a good time to call it quits. 

Believe me, if you want to stay together, you will stay together ’til doth part y’all.  I’m in this for the long haul!

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6 Responses to Let Me Count the Ways

  1. Brandi says:

    You know, I found this entry to be quite entertaining, lol. I’ve been lurking in the shadows reading for a while, not commenting.

    I’m a young’un, lol, but I LOVE your blog and the wisdom you share. Who knows, maybe I’ll drag MY mom into the blogosphere.

    • mamasez says:

      Brandi, glad you joined me. Comments are welcome.

      Great to bring your mom along. Remember, if you have the know-how and extednd the invite, you will become mom’s blogosphere personal trainer. That’s just how it works.

  2. Nerd Girl says:

    I hate to play the role of grammar police, but you accidentally put an “s” on the end of silly a_s parent. You have three grandchildren, one of whom is mine. So when you say you made mistakes raising their parents, you accidentally include me….hey wait a second! That was an accident, right? Right?

    Serious business – I am amazed that anyone would even “bother” to divorce after 40 years of marriage. I honestly don’t get the point. I think a lot of folks are chasing that which does not exist except for in their minds.

  3. jameil says:

    ROTFL @ “Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde and I can never ever come to a consensus!” Hilarity!

    My first thought was, they have been waiting to do this. My 2nd thought: probably until he was certain he was done politicizing or no longer thought getting a divorce would create problems in his career. I hope they both find what they were/are looking for. The h.s. sweetheart thing seems to backfire more than fairy tales admit. Makes sense, though. Who in the world is the same person at 47 or 57 (or even 27) as at 17?

    • mamasez says:

      Jameil, That’s why there are 3 of us in this relationship, for tie-breaking purposes.

      One of them is up to or already into something and did not want to get caught at it. Just watch and see.

  4. mamasez says:

    @ Nerd Girl, Ooops, did I say “parents”, I meant “parents”. Riiiiiiight!

    After 40 years who gives a fat rat’s putoody?

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