My Bags Are Packed

When I go to church I go expecting life-changing words; insight into my personal life; and untold blessings.  Well, guess what happened Sunday that I am just now able to put in words?  A blessing.

The life-changing words:  Do you want to go?  Personal insight:  I love live theatre.  Untold blessings:  I’m included!

I already told you about Iron Deficiency.  Well, she and a group of 12 to 15 other ladies from northern and southern California, Florida, South Carolina and little ol’ me are headed to New York City for the weekend! 

There will be shopping, fine dining, some sightseeing and — are you ready?  We will be seeing August Wilson’s “Fences” with none other than Viola Davis, the superb actress and Tony nominee.  OK, she is not the main attraction. 

The main attraction is DEN-ZEL WASH-ING-TON!!

Last year my mission was to see all of Denzel’s movies (I usually just call him Zel, because we got it goin’ on like that).  Done!  You can see a tremendous growth in his career and a broad range of roles he has made his own.  A man never looked so good walking away as Zel did in “Devil in a Blue Dress”.  I know you remember!

Well, I never, ever thought I’d see him live in a stage performance! 

 BTW, I saw “Fences” in LA starring James Earl Jones.  Zel and Jimmy make two wonderful bookends for the theatrical spectrum, huh? 

Be blessed!

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One Response to My Bags Are Packed

  1. jameil says:

    Lol. Have a blast!!

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