Before you try to figure the title or the graphic, just read.  Trust me.

Dr. Jekyll took me to the Airport for my 10:45 AM flight to New York City.

Three things about Doctor Jekyll:

1.  He does NOT like traffic or driving in traffic or even thinking about traffic.  BTW, FYI and NB:  We live in southern California.  There is always schedule-changing traffic!

2.  Planes may be delayed.  Flights may be canceled.  Alternative gates may be assigned.  Doctor Jekyll makes sure we are ALWAYS at the  airport at least 2 hours ahead of our scheduled flight.  For my 10:45 flight, he originally wanted to leave home at 7 AM.  We are 37 Mapquested minutes from the airport! 

3.  He likes to rhyme and he likes to create acronyms. 

For example, an original rhyme would be:  “When it’s time to go, don’t be slow.  Get you’ bag and head out the do’.”  *Groan*

For example, a previously unthought of acronym:  BBTBOW–Bring Back Two Bottles of Water.  *Groan*

OK, that was background, keep reading.

Usually most of this stuff does not bother me.  I’ve grown accustomed to the madness.  I’m really a roll-with-the-punches type o’ gal.  However, there are times and then there are times.

I was dropped off at the airport at 8:37 AM.  In haste I forgot to give Dr. Jekyll the extra copy of my itinerary with my return flight information.  I called to let him know that I would be returning on Sunday, same airline at 7:07 PM.  After I repeated the day and time and he passed that part of the hearing test, he repeated the information just to be sure he got it right.  Why not?  Go for it, dude. 

He says, “SOSOS”.  I thought he was speaking Spanish saying “Esso si que es” or however you spell that phrase correctly in Spanish.  The way I remember the phrase is that it sounds like you are spelling s.o.c.k.s 

So he repeats “SOSOS” and I’m still lost, confused, and dumbfounded.

Doctor Jekyll:  “SOSOS”

Me:  “What does that mean, please translate.”

Doctor Jekyll:  “SOSOS”   (Real pregnant pause)  Are you ready?

Doctor Jekyll:  “Seven O Seven On Sunday!”

BTW the title is What Day And Time Is It?  I rest my case.

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7 Responses to WDATII?

  1. jameil says:

    “For my 10:45 flight, he originally wanted to leave home at 7 AM.” This would drive me up a wall & back down it again. Why do I have to be bored out of my mind in the airport b/c you want to make an acronym? Lololol. Let’s hope he remembers that last S is for Sunday & not Saturday.

    • mama sez says:

      I have given up on being driven up the wall. He did remember it was Saturday.

      I’ma do a post on what he said when he actually picked me up. Ruh.dic.uh.lous!

  2. pserendipity says:

    Ha! I totally figured out seven o seven on Sunday! Score!!!

  3. Sheena says:

    I was so lost with that SOSOS.
    That would literally drive me up the wall. I hate guessing.

  4. Jameil says:

    I just realized he must love all the text speak everpresent now! It’s like the whole world finally realizes how right he is!! LOLOL

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