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Day #30 – One Last Moment

This month of daily blogging has been a joy and a challenge.  I do enjoy the blogging process and I like getting things on paper and out of my mind.  It has been a challenge to keep up because we have … Continue reading

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Day #29 – My Aspiration(s)

I am a woman, a wife, a mother, a grandmother and more.  My dreams and aspirations fall in line with those titles and the usual aspirations we have for those we care about.   Those labels however do not give you … Continue reading

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Day #28 – Something I Miss

I like people.  I like keeping in touch.  I like talking on the phone — to most of ’em.  However, time has definitely brought about a change.  I keep in touch for the most part by work email, personal email, … Continue reading

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Day #27 – My Favorite Place(s)

I hope by now you have realized I lovvvvvvve to travel.  Choosing a favorite place is impossible for me.  The places that I like have different appeals.  All are special. Costa Rica — a must see for all.  It has … Continue reading

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Day #26 – My Fear

Esoteric Fears — Intangibles that cause me angst I fear a world that is gnawing away at itself and self-destructing. I fear the world changes that bring my grandchildren unforeseen and unknown conditions that they may not be able to resolve. I … Continue reading

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Day #25 – My First

I’m from a small town in Arkansas, as you know.  So my worldly exposure was limited but lots of TV watching helped set my goals, helped me decide what I had to do before I would proclaim myself a sophisticated adult.  I knew I … Continue reading

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Day #24 – What Makes Me Cry?

At the very core of my existence I am a cry baby.  I just don’t like to show that side.  It shows more of my vulnerability that I want hanging out there for public consumption. I hope you remember the … Continue reading

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