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Shake It Up Baby

I never thought that I would have a weight problem or that I would not be able to lose a few pounds quickly that I picked up here and there.  Nor did I want to look like that old, middle-aged, mature, seasoned-to-perfection … Continue reading

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Tweetish Thursday

…Don’t believe the hype.  Yes, there is such a thing as a “dumb question”.  Just a little investigation keeps you from making a complete fool of yourself.  BTW: Today is the first day of classes.  …Cleanliness is indeed next to godliness, so I’ve always heard.  Some … Continue reading

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What Was I Thinking?

We went to the Monterey Jazz Festival this weekend, ya know.  This year’s attendees got cards from iTunes for 15 free songs featured from the festival’s artists.  The sampling ranges from Dr. Lonnie Smith to Angelique Kidjo to Somi to The Nice Guy Trio. … Continue reading

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Don’t Let It End

I have spent all summer working a 4/10 work week with Fridays off.  We have 10-week quarters. — Nice!  There have been no classes in my college = no students on a regular basis! — Very, Very Nice! I have vacationed in New … Continue reading

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Oh My Aching Feet!

Our recent trip to San Francisco was good.  We saw a lot and walked even more.  Did I mention I had foot surgery in March?  Well, this was more walking than my cute, new and purposed walking shoes could take.        Before … Continue reading

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What the . . .

  Look what I found in my Facebook friend request box!    Guy is mentally challenged and that’s OK.  That is not an issue for me.  He is NOT my friend.  He has a special relationship with Dr./Mr.    From time to time … Continue reading

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What’s Going On?

Spent the Labor Day weekend (5) days in San Francisco with Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, Napoleon Bonaparte and Hazel.  Without calling out anyone or pointing fingers, it was a time for the good, the bad and the crazy.      The GOOD:  Finding a wonderful … Continue reading

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