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Know What I Like?

. . . Butter Pecan Ice Cream — If I could only have one thing to eat for the rest of my life, it would be Butter Pecan Ice Cream! . . . RBCTTFOTPLPM — Riding behind cars trying to figure out … Continue reading

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Come Out, Come Out Whereever You Are

France or Frankfurt?  India or Indiana?  Joplin or Japan?  Little Rock or London?  Texas or Tunisia? I know you’re out there.  How did you find me?  Lurk no more.  I want to say “Hi” to you. If you have a … Continue reading

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Growing in Humility

I have this ongoing debate with myself about when to get involved and when to let go.  This is evidenced by my wavering emotions in dealing with members of my family.   I need to know what is motivating me.  Where is … Continue reading

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. . . And Baby Makes Three

I hope you are familiar with my family by now.  We are quite a unique crop in our own special way.  That’s polite speak for if it was someone else’s family, they’d be nuts.  But since it’s my family and I know … Continue reading

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Today I’m Feeling . . .

Like I am spinning my wheels and nothing, I mean nothing, is moving forward.  Don’t get me wrong.  There are no looming deadlines.  My health is just fine.  I have not lost a friend or loved one to death, drugs … Continue reading

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Friday Follow-Up

This really is a follow-up to Tweetish Thursday.  I have added info per jameil1922’s request.  I mentioned how fast Dr./Mr. walks and you may not have a visual for the reference I made.  I said I look like those cartoon characters … Continue reading

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Tweetish Thursday

I have an enviable parking space on campus along with all the faculty and administrators up here.  So I’m not that special.  But I tell the students during Orientation, “Do not park up here–for any reason.  You will get a $40 per … Continue reading

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