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My Husband — Dr. Jekyll — Part I

In my list of 82 Things in 1001 Days, I had promised to read The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde  (#64 on the list).  I had mentally referred to my hubby as that split personality but I had … Continue reading

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Great Friday Finish to a Great Week!

I have had some great successes this week and it’s Friday Finished! I have logged in 41.14 dedicated miles toward my walking 1,000 miles in 2011.  It feels good actually.  I think, not sure, but I think my calf has … Continue reading

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For Your Entertainment

We will experience 4 unusual dates this year: 1/1/11 — January 1, 2011 1/11/11 — January 11, 2011 11/1/11 — November 1, 2011 11/11/11 — November 11, 2011 Now break out your pencil and paper.   Take the last 2 digits of … Continue reading

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Is It Just Me?

I am trying so hard to be a kinder gentler Mama Sez.  I am known to be blunt direct and sparse with explanations about my choices.  My philosophy at this point is: I am old enough to not beat around … Continue reading

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Finish it Friday — Christmas is Over!

I’m sure our Christmas decorations have been stored away.  The Christmas tree has been recycled.   The Christmas cards that included well wishes and family/pet/vacation pictures have found their way to the scrapbook, craft basket or trash.  Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde and I got … Continue reading

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Less than a Dozen Things

I am gracefully, rapidly, joyfully totally into and giddy about aging.  I happily get my senior citizen discount.  Vanity is still in place though.  I love when I get carded 🙂  As I have seasoned, I am less prone to histrionics than I used to … Continue reading

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Some of you have complimented me about the book I’ve said is changing my life.  Others are considering getting a copy and reading it.  I do not get a commi$$ion but I want you to have access to check out … Continue reading

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