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!!!!! EPIC FAIL !!!!!

My challenge (that I shared with you that became our challenge) was to go for one, just one, week without saying anything negative about any one.  My challenge started midnight on Saturday, February 12.  I found out about the challenge on … Continue reading

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OK, I’m checking in with you and your week’s worth of positivity.  How’s it going? I thought I was positive, as positive more positive than most.  I have a song in my heart although I’m not in a choir.  I don’t “perform” publicly, but I … Continue reading

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Now’s the Time

Below in red is something I did NOT write,  but I wish I had.  It was sent to me by a friend.  It captures so many of my thoughts.  It is also a reflection of how I try to live.  I … Continue reading

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Let It Begin With Me

Dr./Mr. and I went to hear Sonia Sanchez last night.  After all it is Black History Month and we need a good dose of heritage information, cultural urgings and updates on the state of the race. Sanchez is as energetic and … Continue reading

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To Push or Not To Push!

Yesterday I started a post and found that I had come to the end of my blogiverse.  I gave up on blogging.  I had nothing to give.  But I’ve been saved! Remember The Riddler and The Flake are expecting their first … Continue reading

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My Husband — Mr. Hyde — Part II

Confession:  I am not tech-savvy.  I have tech toys because Dr./Mr. loves, loves, *pulsating heart*, loves tech toys and he thinks I “need” the latest                      (you fill in the blank).  He did not just start down this techy road.  He has … Continue reading

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