Let It Begin With Me

Dr./Mr. and I went to hear Sonia Sanchez last night.  After all it is Black History Month and we need a good dose of heritage information, cultural urgings and updates on the state of the race.

Sanchez is as energetic and committed as I remembered from the 60s.  Her message goes beyond the rhetoric that can muddle action.  She has taught, in and out of the classroom, for over 40 years and is consistently in the teacher mode.  So after she talked about her life and life experiences; her father and her children; the relationship between the Black Arts Movement (of the 60s and 70s in particular) and the poetry of Rap, she gave the audience an assignment — forever the teacher.

Sojourner Truth Lecture on February 10, 2011

Frequently, we — that’s you and me — say that we wish the world was a better place.  We say we want good news, good reports, good things to happen.  Sanchez talked about leaving the “let’s fuss, fight and kill” mentality.  She spoke of raising our own standards and expectations.  She suggested a better world that truly existed on peace.  I was impressed that she had gone from “militant” to peace inspirationist (I think I just made up a word).  How do I/you make this happen?  Well, Sonia Sanchez presented a challenge.

She said we can make this world better if we do not say ANYTHING negative about ANYONE for one week. 

Think about that.  Nothing negative about anyone for one week.  She says your inner peace will increase.  Negativity will not come to you.  You will live in a quieter place. 

So I am up for the challenge.  I have already prepared myself with a spiritual fast with the Daniel Fast for 21 days in January.  Now it is time for a mental fast from negativity in February. 

At first I laughed and said that’s ridiculous.  Then I thought about it.  I want to do this.  I think I can do this.  I need to do this. 

Sanchez says if you fall off the wagon, give yourself a 2 week break and try again.  We have her home phone number to call for our follow-up instructions — forever the teacher.

You may not be able to jump right into this. Gotta get your mind straight.  So, let’s start Sunday, February 13 at 12:01 A.M. and end our No Negative words on Saturday, February 19 at midnight. 

Wanna  join me in the challenge?  Who’s with me?

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13 Responses to Let It Begin With Me

  1. mamasez says:

    WooHoo! we can do this.

  2. GP says:

    Sounds like a plan! I’m in!

  3. Michelle Johnson says:

    Hi Mamasez,

    I am de-lurking from Japan to say I love your blog and would like to join this challenge. I don’t have a blog but I found yours through Nerdgirl. I enjoy reading about your family and adventures.

    Thanks for the inspiration,

    • mamasez says:

      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for joining the challenge. We can be positive, right?

      Glad our family is, uh…there for you. Let me know when you start your blog, I’ll be there with you in a sec.

  4. Count me in on this !

  5. Irendi says:

    Count me in!

  6. Ames says:

    I am on board!

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