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Hark, Who Goes There?

I am a night owl but once I go to sleep, I sleep like the proverbial log, baby and dead man rolled into one.  That said, here we go. At 3:27 A.M. I’m sleeping  . . . because it is … Continue reading

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To Whom It May Concern

I have one Thursday Question.  And there’s only one question I want you to answer.  OK?  OK. I have a friend from high school, make that elementary school who is one of my three “bestest friends” from that era.  We see each … Continue reading

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I’m Piggybacking

I was making my morning rounds visiting blogs when I found two that made me want to add a comment.  My comments were long enough to be an entry of their own.  So I am going to link you to their … Continue reading

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Party Over Here!

They have actually worked me so hard today, I have not had an opportunity to share my last night outing with you. I had never been on a party bus.  Last night was the first.  We went into Hollywood  to … Continue reading

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Thoughts for This Thursday

I know it has been said before but I need to repeat this for my benefit.  If I am not your friend in real life when I can see you face to face and barely talk to you, trust me … Continue reading

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Who’s Your Friend?

I got a Droid Phone — YAY!!  It has a navigation system that gets me to new adventure spots.  It is already loaded with Facebook.  I have Pandora at my fingertips.  It has an exercise app that I use all the … Continue reading

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OMG! Has It Been That Long?

Yes, I have missed all of you.  Yes, I am still in your blogging arena.  Yes, lotsa stuff has happened since my last update.  Here we go: I have passed the 200-mile mark headed toward my 1,000 mile walking goal.  It … Continue reading

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