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Yes? No? Maybe?

I love loafers!  Maybe it’s because of my age.  My southern upbringing.  Or the comfort of the shoe.  I don’t really know.  But this would be a year-round southern Cali shoe for me.    This pair of shoes would be an … Continue reading

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Just Thinking . . . on Wednesday

I am totally into this 1,000 mile walk by 12/31/11 and I am proud to say that I have completed 358.86 miles — Woo Hoo!  The main purpose was to hone my commitment and discipline skills.  The additional benefits of … Continue reading

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Just Thinking . . . on Monday

I want to cry for all the lost souls who actually believed the world was ending on 5/21/11.  If they’re basing their “belief” on Biblical calculations and computations to determine the end of the world, they are really lost.  The Bible clearly … Continue reading

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Who Is She?

For years there have been whispers.  Whispers from a persistent nosey family-minded cousin that my late brother had a son.  Every third or fourth phone conversation we have he’ll say “Let me ask you a question” and proceed with the “did-you-know-about” … Continue reading

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Really o_O

When I was a young girl, my mother insisted on keeping grown folks business and information away from me.  Business such as who was having an affair with whom.  There were code names she and my “other” mother had for people … Continue reading

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I Never Thought About It, But

A friend sent me a piece of info that made me go mmmm.  I have already seen a lot of changes in my life time.  Don’t forget, I’m the Mama.  But when I saw this article and I stopped to think about … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day

Celebrate yourselves!  We owe it to ourselves to know what we want and to pursue those things that bring a smile or that create a life-long memory.  I hope that each of you can smile and create memories on this … Continue reading

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