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Picture This

I went to the L.A. County Fair and enjoyed the opportunity to practice with my camera.   Turn your head to the side to see Cinderella’s coach and those beautiful blue lights in the tree.  I tried to upload the video … Continue reading

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What’s Been Hap’ning?

We’ve seen quite a few movies this year.  Some new.  Some old.  Some should be classics.  Others should have more celluloid on the cutting room floor.   But…I have been hearing this woman’s name and actually have seen her in a … Continue reading

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Stream of Consciousness Sunday

Sitting in church and listening to the Word can make you listen closely to find yourself and help you to feel good about yourself.  You can make corrections so you can be a better person.  Too often you listen to the … Continue reading

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I’m Late But . . .

There were tabulation difficulties at the accounting firm of Mama Sez, No Way and Set Up, Inc.  Thanks for casting your votes for which diva should play Aretha Franklin in her upcoming biopic.  The results are:  Jill Scott – 30% Queen Latifah – 30% … Continue reading

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My Victory, My New Toy and My Acquisition

I worked very hard this week.  It was the final sets of Orientation for freshmen parents, freshmen and transfer students.  It was one of those times when you say “I owe this to myself.”  So I got it where I … Continue reading

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