Just A Few Updates and Stuff

I have gone through the phase of having things organized and checking things off my to-do list.  Right now, I am back to the I’ll-get-it-done-tomorrow syndrome.  I’m kinda liking it too.  Anyhoo . . .

  • I fell for the hype.  Saw Hunger Games on its opening weekend.  No lines or anything but Dr./Mr. and I went to the late show.  The best that I can say is that the movie follows the book closely.  It was interesting to see the content — children competing to the death for food — portrayed with such gentility and only with suggestions of violence.  There was no real (not a lot) on-screen gore.  The book was much more graphic.  I am glad I saw it but I could have waited until this came out on video or even on teevee. 
  • I have been working preoccupied prepping and planning for a variety of things at work.  Don’t misunderstand, none of the things are work-related  🙂 
  • I have everything in place for our 41st wedding anniversary party/gathering/sailing in June.
  • I have made arrangements to get a laptop to accommodate the new Elements program Dr./Mr. gave me for Christmas.  I am working my way into becoming a more serious photographer.
  • I have registered for my second 5K.  It will be on 4/21/12.  I don’t think I will be breaking any records.  I am just working toward the goal of running a 5K each quarter this year.
  • I will be leaving tonight for a trip to South Africa — Capetown, Johannesburg and a Kruger National Park Safari.
  • I think about retiring more than before.  However, Nerd Girl is vital in keeping me focused on keeping the job.  As you can see there is seldom little no stress produced by my job-rut routine.
  • I am still doing a Polish of the Week.  I’m just not posting.  My camera is home so I cannot show you.  But I am wearing a green color with added sparkle that is reminiscent of The Hunger Games.

I hope to post something while away.  If not I’ll be back and update y’all later.

Stay Alert.  Be Good.

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