Where Is She?

Dr./Mr. and I have had 3 ladies to join us for our Saturday morning walks.  We have developed enough stamina and endurance for these walks to often turn into strenuous hikes.  Strenuous but really beneficial!

Lady #1 and I started walking as physical therapy after my foot surgery.  Also, she was on a mission to lose weight and firm up whatever weight was left around her middle . . . and bottom . . . OK, and her top and sides, but that’s all :-).  It was a win/win situation for both of us.

Lady #2 joined us along with her husband.  This was good because Dr./Mr. now had a man to talk (more) to.  The lady and I were already acquaintances so we got to know each other better.  Walking is great reflection time.  It also is a great time to bounce ideas, philosophies, possible projects off your walking buddies.  All was well.

Lady #3 knows both me and Lady #2.  She had minimal contact with Lady #1 but we all walked together well.  We supported and encouraged each other in whatever our activities and trials.

We walk every Saturday with minor adjustments for vacations and sometimes other early Saturday morning commitments.  Dr./Mr. and I ask them to call if they cannot make it.  Agreed?  Agreed.

Lady #1 and Lady #2 are hanging tough as we get ready to enter our 3rd year walking 52 (give or take) Saturdays a year.

So . . . Lady #3 had told me about 2 or 3 months ago that her husband’s Christmas present to her was going to be ongoing sessions with a personal trainer.  I told her that was great and moved on.  We never mentioned it again.

Well, she missed a Saturday because she was sick.  OK.

Then she missed 2 Saturdays to go on vacation.  OK.

Since then she has not been back to walk.  She has not mentioned her plans to continue or not or anything.  I see her EVERY Sunday at church and we talk about other things.  But there has not been a word said about her walking with us or not.  I decided not to ask her intentions because I do not want her to think I am bugging her. (Her progress had been minimal because her only physical activity was Saturday walks.)

My concern is how inconsiderate she is for not saying anything.  Should I ask her intentions about returning?  Should I encourage her to come back so she can make visible progress?  Should I wish her well and say nothing?  Should I even be concerned?

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3 Responses to Where Is She?

  1. GP says:

    Since you see her every Sunday.. during one of your talks I would just say “we miss you in the walking group” smile and keep it moving. It’s her move after that.

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