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Positivity For E’erybody!

We are what we eat.  We believe what we see.  We anticipate a cherished touch.  We long for the warmth of the sun in mid-winter.  What can we do about what we say?  We have five senses.  We are using … Continue reading

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No, Really

It’s Friday!  YaY! I just passed my Dean in the hallway.  He was watering his plants for the weekend.  He asked me, “What are you doing?”  I smiled and said “Nothing.”  He said, “No, really?”  I said, “No really.”   Really?  Really! I … Continue reading

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Photo Collage

I’m still mastering my photo uploading skills.

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Shall We Try Again?

My theory, well one of my theories of life, is that if at first you don’t succeed, try again — at least once. Well I posted this opportunity 2 years ago.  The effort was a short-lived, epic fail.  But the concept never … Continue reading

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Just Around the Bend

Our Saturday walk hike torture time is finished. Although the benefits are overwhelming and the camaraderie is uplifting the process is still a challenge! Thought you might like to see how we do it in So Cal. Plus this is … Continue reading

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Must Haves

Ever think there are some finds just for you?  Look at these two finds.  These made me add another category to my side bar — I Want . . . .  I really think I can populate a Wish List type … Continue reading

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Dot, DOt, DOT – POTW Part 2

Tuesday I showed this manicure with solid colors — no dots.  Well, I was sitting in my office and thought there must be something I can do to pass my break time — wink, wink 😉 So I decided to put … Continue reading

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