Must Haves

Ever think there are some finds just for you?  Look at these two finds.  These made me add another category to my side bar — I Want . . . .  I really think I can populate a Wish List type category with my wishes for my nouns:  people, places and things!


I was sitting here minding my own business when these shoes popped into view.  I luuuuuuuv these!

The jacket.  Look at the jacket.  I am too, too,way too old to think about an “Easter Outfit”.  But I am thinking “Easter Outfit”.  I luuuuuuuv the cut, the color, the style, the price — e’erythang about this jacket!  (You know I already have polish to match this jacket:-) )

Do you still get an “Easter Outfit”?  How dressy is it?  Can you wear it to places other than the sanctuary?

Chime in.  I’ve got some finger clickin’ shopping to do.

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2 Responses to Must Haves

  1. GP says:

    Those shoes are DOPE!!! I’ve been eyeing a similar pair. My Easter outfit was usually two – one for the sanctuary and what I changed into for dinner both utter fabulousness. *sigh* Those were the days… I said I didn’t want to be an “Easter heathen” and attend church on that Sunday but I may go just cuz. 😀 my heathen grin! lol

    • mamasez says:

      Wow! I never even thought of 2 Easter outfits. That’s great.

      I encourage you to go to church on Easter Sunday. There will be some holier than others in the congregations and some who are still lining up to be worked on.

      Go and send a picture of your Easter outfit 🙂

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