No, Really

It’s Friday!  YaY!

  • I just passed my Dean in the hallway.  He was watering his plants for the weekend.  He asked me, “What are you doing?”  I smiled and said “Nothing.”  He said, “No, really?”  I said, “No really.”   Really?  Really!
  • I visited with a young lady last night I have known for 30 or so years.  Her grandmother is in the hospital.  I thought I’d drop by for 20 or 30 minutes.  We visited for 2 hours.  Talked.  Laughed.  Reminisced.  Now I see how two people can be in the same place, witness the same thing and come away with two totally different realities.  Take Sunday dinner for example.                                                                                                              ♦I envied her grandmother (her preacher of a grandfather and her) because they ate out EVERY Sunday after church.  I (with husband, 4 children and my mother) cooked MOST Sunday.                                                                                           ♦My interpretation:  Less work.  Her interpretation:  No food for snacking around regular dinner time.  Who knew? o_O
  • I thought I was going to die yesterday.  No, really.  Around 2 p.m. I realized that I had forgotten to eat lunch.  I had the shakes — literally.  Went and got some food, ate and carried on.  I’m fine thank you.
  • We are going to a student appreciation for our dance class tonight.  It should be fun.  We must be on time.  Why?  Dr./Mr. and I have mastered about 5 dances.  They will be doing the introductory dances first.  Ergo, punctuality.
  • I made a commitment to call people who I keep thinking about and not calling.  I could not figure out when to call or I’d put it off and it wouldn’t happen or I could not decide who to call first.  Well, I am calling people on my 25-35 drive home from work.  Monday — childhood friend.  Tuesday — former teacher.  Wednesday — a second mama.  Thursday — childhood friend and her husband.  Today — former co-worker.  Time management is a beautiful thang 🙂
  • Tomorrow night we are going to a tribute to Dinah Washington’s music.
  • Hope your week went well.
  • What do you have on the calendar for this weekend?  Enjoy Yourself!!!
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