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. . . And Here She Comes

Well, we are in the last half of the third month of the first quarter of a (kinda) new year.  In 2012 one of my goals was to run a 5k each quarter.  (RECAP:  I completed all four 5k’s and came in 2nd … Continue reading

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Spring Combinations

Remember the set of polishes I recently bought? This is a pairing for your review. DISCLAIMER — PART 3:  (I made adjustments that are now lurking in never, neverland, I guess)  If 1 or 2 adjustments show up one day, … Continue reading

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You Can Stay

I used to work in an eight-story building at this institution.  I felt comfortable when asked to be a floor monitor for emergencies — fires, earthquakes, violence — whatever.  Got my little training.  Had a green neon vest AND a hard … Continue reading

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To the Left, To the Left, To the Left, To the Left

Well . . . Dr./Mr. and I enrolled in a line dancing class about a month ago.  Hey, why not? They say we cut a mean rug together on a regular dance floor.  I think we are a pleasure to behold, but I … Continue reading

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Hurry Springtime

Remember in 2012 when I decided not to buy any polish? Remember I told you I had 96 or 97 or so bottles of polish? Remember? Well this is 2013! I got these colors to welcome springtime. I will definitely … Continue reading

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A Pictorial Catch Up

I HAVE BEEN CREATIVE This is the back of my hat with a little bit of fingerless glove showing. I’m just thinking about stuff — mainly my blog  🙂 I have been crocheting lately.  This hat and glove combo is … Continue reading

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Naughty or Niiiice?

You tell me. I got my box at the beginning of the week. I was sooo surprised and sooo happy I just looked at it and touched it and moved it from one place to another while grinning 🙂 This … Continue reading

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