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I usually see movies when they have already been declared “classic”.  By that I mean I do not usually have the popcorn, Twizzler, Milk Duds and large coke experience in a movie theatre.

Most of my movie viewings are 3 – 5 day rentals.  It gives me a chance to remember I have actually brought the DVD home to watch.  It gives Dr. Jekyll an opportunity to play with the Blu-Ray viewer (or whatever that thing is called).  It gives me a chance to start watching the “classic”, go to sleep, wake up and promise myself to finish watching it — uh — tomorrow.

So when I tell you that I have actually been to the movie theatre 4 times in the last month I have to slap myself to see if I’m awake.

I insisted that Dr. Jekyll and I go see The Princess and The Frog opening night.  I wanted to be counted in that number that makes a movie a box office success.  The story line was predictable.  The costuming and animation were impeccably executed.  The soundtrack was perfect.  I included the soundtrack as part of Dr. Jekyll’s Christmas presents.

Next, I went to see Avatar.  I’m not sure what the genre was but I am comfortable saying this is not my genre.  I went because of the hoopla surrounding the production, cost, avant-garde concepts and techniques.  It lived up to the hype.  I thought the visuals were fantastic!  But there were no surprises in the plot.  Can you say “predictable”?

The third outing was to see Invictus.  You already saw my Morgan Freeman connection in another post.  So I was glad to see this one.  The acting was well above average and well executed.  Freeman actually has moments where he is right on as Mandela–timing, movement, gestures.  Once again, predictable.  But a well-done predictability.  One criticism I have is that I think there should have been an actual reading or recitation of “Invictus”, the Henley poem, in its entirety somewhere in the movie.

New Year’s Eve in Arkansas with Napoleon and Hazel, we went to see Sherlock Holmes.  I think the plot was developed and recapped with extreme precision.  There was not a wasted line of dialogue or unnecessary movement.  Each component of the movie was intertwined with the plot, action and dialogue. 

I watched old Sherlock Holmes movies on tv in the 60’s, so I was anticipating this viewing.  This was an updated version of the classic with more action and more subplots.  I saw this an a combination of “McGiver”, “Man from Uncle” and “Mission Impossible”.  Yes, I liked the movie and the company.

This whole movie thing is better than I thought.  I may not lose any sleep over the reviews but I think I might be going out more often.


4 Responses to Books, Movies and Entertainment

  1. Wet Saw · says:

    you can say that morgan freeman is one of the most versatile actors that we have today _

  2. mama sez says:

    I enjoy any film he is in. Now he has become the spokesperson for products and you get to hear his ditinct voice for commercials as well.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  3. there are very few talented actors that is as versatile as morgan freeman ~*-

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