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Mama Sez It Twice To The Tag

I have tagged: Gorgeous Puddin Pserendipity Chocolate Covered Daydreams Rules You must post 11 random things about yourself. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer. … Continue reading

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More Stuff About My Life

One of my students came in to tell me that one his professors, a co-worker of mine, is doing the C25K this year.  I just checked with the professor and we will be looking from some mutually convenient 5K to … Continue reading

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Happy New Year — Again!

I’m jazzed about 2012 and it’s not a week old yet.  Since 2011 was a success for me, I’m on some new foci this year.  I want to continue to develop myself and help others to realize some of their … Continue reading

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Who Is the Queen?

I was reading an article that says Aretha Franklin’s biopic is still in the works.  The article listed those who could be considered. However, there is no decision as to who should portray the Queen of Soul.  You know who can sing.  … Continue reading

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I’m Moving On

Happy March Everyone! It took all of January for me to recover from the joys of Christmas.  In February I challenged myself (and you) to a week of Positivity.  I plan to revisit that challenge.  I’ll let you know when.  … Continue reading

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Less than a Dozen Things

I am gracefully, rapidly, joyfully totally into and giddy about aging.  I happily get my senior citizen discount.  Vanity is still in place though.  I love when I get carded 🙂  As I have seasoned, I am less prone to histrionics than I used to … Continue reading

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Tweetish Thursday

I have an enviable parking space on campus along with all the faculty and administrators up here.  So I’m not that special.  But I tell the students during Orientation, “Do not park up here–for any reason.  You will get a $40 per … Continue reading

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