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. . . And Here She Comes

Well, we are in the last half of the third month of the first quarter of a (kinda) new year.  In 2012 one of my goals was to run a 5k each quarter.  (RECAP:  I completed all four 5k’s and came in 2nd … Continue reading

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To the Left, To the Left, To the Left, To the Left

Well . . . Dr./Mr. and I enrolled in a line dancing class about a month ago.  Hey, why not? They say we cut a mean rug together on a regular dance floor.  I think we are a pleasure to behold, but I … Continue reading

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Eyes on the Prize

Did I finish the 5K on Sunday, you ask?  You bet your sweet bippie I finished. I had prayed since Tuesday or Wednesday of last week when I heard the forecast of heavy continuous rain that there would be NO rain … Continue reading

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I’m No Doctor, But . . .

“For better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health” — the words many of us have spoken and the vow many of us have taken, but . . . Dr./Mr. has been SICK this week … Continue reading

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Good Morning to All

** Ooops! The whole tech skills attempt from Sunday was an epic fail.  And I do not know how to fix it.  The video is on my cell and I cannot get it to you.  I’ll try again later or … Continue reading

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You’re Giving What?

I’ve not been around for a minute.  But I’ve been thinking about all of you.  I hope that your Christmas plans are all in place.  I hope you spend just enough time with your family and friends to still love and … Continue reading

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Rrrrrrring, Rrrrrrring, Rrrrrrring

Dr./Mr. refuses to respect embrace acknowledge 21st century communication devices.  He believes that if he’s needed someone somewhere with something will find him.  Except if he wants me, he thinks I should have the device plastered to my good ear.  This is … Continue reading

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