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Positivity For E’erybody!

We are what we eat.  We believe what we see.  We anticipate a cherished touch.  We long for the warmth of the sun in mid-winter.  What can we do about what we say?  We have five senses.  We are using … Continue reading

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Express Yourself

Just like Charles Wright and The Watts 103rd Street Band, I look for unusual but distinct nonthreatening ways to express myself.  It helps me build and use my vocabulary. I’m hoping it keeps my mind and wit sharp.  I have to be aware … Continue reading

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I Never Thought About It, But

A friend sent me a piece of info that made me go mmmm.  I have already seen a lot of changes in my life time.  Don’t forget, I’m the Mama.  But when I saw this article and I stopped to think about … Continue reading

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Don’t Touch That Dial!

First you need to know that TV sets used to have dials for changing channels.  That was when tv’s had rabbit-ear antennas (or hangers, if the antenna broke–and it always did) and children were the live-in remotes.  One of the prompts … Continue reading

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Shake It Up Baby

I never thought that I would have a weight problem or that I would not be able to lose a few pounds quickly that I picked up here and there.  Nor did I want to look like that old, middle-aged, mature, seasoned-to-perfection … Continue reading

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What Was I Thinking?

We went to the Monterey Jazz Festival this weekend, ya know.  This year’s attendees got cards from iTunes for 15 free songs featured from the festival’s artists.  The sampling ranges from Dr. Lonnie Smith to Angelique Kidjo to Somi to The Nice Guy Trio. … Continue reading

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Day #28 – Something I Miss

I like people.  I like keeping in touch.  I like talking on the phone — to most of ’em.  However, time has definitely brought about a change.  I keep in touch for the most part by work email, personal email, … Continue reading

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