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Just A Few Updates and Stuff

I have gone through the phase of having things organized and checking things off my to-do list.  Right now, I am back to the I’ll-get-it-done-tomorrow syndrome.  I’m kinda liking it too.  Anyhoo . . . I fell for the hype.  Saw Hunger Games … Continue reading

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Sign Me Up

 Dr./Mr. and I travel frequently so I am always on the lookout for bargains, discounts and a freebie every now and again.  So I enroll in frequent flyer programs, hotel rewards programs and various online sales and promotions.  I always … Continue reading

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Stream of Consciousness Sunday

Sitting in O’Hare airport trying to ignore the scrumptuous aroma of fresh popped Garrett popcorn mixed with cinnabun scents. I wonder where Jason went. Our flight is oversold. We could get travel credit and arrive a little later. Oh well, missed that … Continue reading

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Hola! from San Juan

We had a tropical paradise, smooth sailing, hot as h-e-double hockey sticks, relaxing, party hearty, game playing (and winning), Motown music, goooood food wonderful time. The Dr. And I set a standard for young and old to aspire to on … Continue reading

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I’ll Finish It Friday Myself (this time)

I am back from my trip to the Middle East.  We had more fun than I ever thought I would have.  I have been awed by a 62 carat diamond.  That rock was so big.  I know it could actually choke a … Continue reading

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I’m Still Here!

Hello Everyone!  I’m here.  I’m just not there. Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde and I travel annually for most of November.  The tree of us have been to Amsterdam; Egypt; Jordan and are currently in Israel. I know you can’t put a … Continue reading

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Oh My Aching Feet!

Our recent trip to San Francisco was good.  We saw a lot and walked even more.  Did I mention I had foot surgery in March?  Well, this was more walking than my cute, new and purposed walking shoes could take.        Before … Continue reading

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