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Naughty or Niiiice?

You tell me. I got my box at the beginning of the week. I was sooo surprised and sooo happy I just looked at it and touched it and moved it from one place to another while grinning ūüôā This … Continue reading

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Love Leaves You Speechless

It has been a minute since I posted.¬† Wanna know how long?¬† I forgot I had changed my “appearance”.¬† But here we go. Went to a wedding this weekend and it was fabulous . . . ghetto fabulous! I cannot … Continue reading

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The Gift Not the Cost

This is the perfect time to address the age-old question:¬† is it the thought or (the cost of) the gift that counts? When I knew that all of the ladies in my immediate family — young and old — were … Continue reading

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I Must Confess

I am not Catholic nor do I play one on TeeVee, but . . . As you know I have stepped up my health consciousness¬†and exercise routines.¬† Last year it was walking, this year it’s running.¬† Today I finished Week … Continue reading

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Mr. Tex, Over Here Mr. Tex!

Have you ever noticed the development over time with body builders and exercise nuts?¬† After a while muscles start to pop out all over the place.¬† Biceps, triceps, 2 pack, 4 pack, 6 packs all around.¬† There is undeniable contour … Continue reading

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We Are Family!

Went to the family reunion. It was everything I thought it would be and more. One side of the family has 12 children — 6 boys and 6 girls. They were¬†all there along with spouses, children and grandchildren. On the … Continue reading

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Patches, I’m Depending On You

To give our newest grandchild a place in¬†the Mama Sez¬†family of non-certified crazies, she has to have her blogland name.¬† I have chosen¬†her name based on her geographical location and an attribute.¬† She lives in Maryland and Patches¬†best describes¬†a condition … Continue reading

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