Mama’s Family — The Characters

This is your score card so you can keep up with the players.  You will find:

  • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – my husband
  • Nerd Girl – our daughter
  • Coach – Nerd Girl’s husband
  • MS Precocious – Nerd Girl’s daughter
  • The Party King – Son #1
  • Jewel – The Party King’s ex-wife
  • TX Sweetie – The Party King’s daughter
  • TX Hercules – The Party King’s son
  • Napoleon Bonaparte – Son #2
  • Hazel – Napoleon’s girlfriend
  • The Riddler – Son #3
  • Sugar Frosted Flake – The Riddler’s wife
  • MD Patches – The Riddler’s daughter

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and I married 39 years ago after dating for 4 years.  Mary Wells was correct when she sang that she had Two Lovers: 

I, too, can sing with her.  My man–Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde–is a classic but non-clinical masterpiece for studying the good and evil not-so-good contained in one person.  Those who know him well might even use the word crazy to define his actions. 

You come to understand this as you get to know the man.

Dr. Jekyll brings me flowers on non-occasions.  He fixed me breakfast in bed, complete with the rose in the vase, for years until my work hours changed.  He is retired and does most of the food preparation and cooking. Isn’t that wonderful!

Enter Mr. Hyde.  Mr. Hyde spends his retired days walking with a group of seniors whose average age is just below the numbers associated with normal body temperature — 98.6.  Since he is with them, he is tired and may not cook because one special ingredient (known only to him) is not in the pantry. 

Or there is the ongoing “discussion” of cleanliness being next to godliness.  Translation:  keeping the house looking as if it is 10 minutes before an Open House on the property.

Some lessons are learned very slowly and must be repeated, repeated, repeated, repeated.  After all this time, I am still amazed at some of the things he does.


Nerd Girl, our daughter, the first-born, the eldest, the trendsetter for those who follow.

An inspiration to me with a healthy sprinkling of attitude.  She has inspired me with projects and involvements I never considered.

  • She insisted that I join her in the 100 push up challenge to make us healthy and strong  We made it to the end!
  • She encouraged me to find retail possibilities for my hobbies and crafts.  I have yet to sell anything.
  • She does 5K charity walks.  I am now motivated to participated in a 5K Run in Spring ’10.
  • She has been more than helpful and patient as I have begun to blog. 

She can see what I write so this is not a mutual admiration society meeting or anything like that.  We just have it going on like that. 

You should check her out


Coach provides the lighthearted aspects of living and loving life.  He can frustrate the beejeebies out of Nerd Girl, but hey, lighten up.  He is living his dream and seems content doing so.  Nerd Girl is determined to change him.  He is not cooperating.


MS Precocious, an only child being raised by our daughter who is a stickler for order.  MS Precocious’ responses are way beyond her years. 

She and her mother are butting heads in a passive-resistive manner about celebrating Halloween.  MS Precocious is wearing a yellow blanket as a cape declaring that she is a “yellow vampire although we so not celebrate Halloween.  If we did celebrate Halloween, I would be a yellow vampire.”  She has peacefully threatened to move in with her best friend and his mother.  Why?  Because they celebrate Halloween–duh.

She goes to a Christian Pre-School.  What can I say?!?

And yes, my granddaughter is more precocious than your granddaughter.


The Party King – #1 Son.  I’m never really sure if the gene pool had been cleaned out that day or if the chlorine level was too high or if I should have taken strong medication throughout my entire pregnancy.  But there he was — the bearer of our surname.  His claim to fame in the family–being #1!  

  • Oldest son, of course–#1.
  • Most spankings–#1. 
  • Able to eat the most food–#1. 
  •  Being the tallest of 4 children at 6′ 8″–#1. 
  • Most resembling a poster child for Ethiopian famine–#1.
  • Party animal extraordinaire– #1!!

He is a little sensitive, prone to histrionics and a little pouty.  However, he is truly lovable.  Whenever I need a laugh he’s my go to person.

He is the father of our older granddaughter and only grandson.  Did I mention he can be selfish at times.  When his son was born he could not understand why his wife wanted to use the room where he had set up his computer equipment, music, video games, fraternity paraphernalia and piles of unnecessary paper as a nursery.  BTW,  they’re divorced now.


Jewel – The Party King’s ex-wife

Say what you wanna, but time is a great healer of pain and opened wounds.  Jewel may be The Party King’s ex-wife but she is in a reserved and special spot in my life.  After all she is the mother of 2 of our 3 grands!  She is the mother of our only grandson!

Sure, I disagreed with some of the methods they concocted when the two of them were a couple.  But I stated, restated and meant it when I told Jewel that she could come to me for counsel because The Party King and Mr. Hyde are more alike than most people realize. 

I knew there would be times when she would want to strangle him until his tongue no longer called her “baby”.  I also knew there were some areas that Jewel was weak in that would have to be addressed for them to continue and be successful.

Alas, neither of them grew up enough to save the marriage.  I truly regret that and always will.  In the same breath I can say she will always be a part of my family.

Napoleon Bonaparte – Son #2

If there was ever a person who needed to be taller, heavier, of a more dominant presence, this is the one.  Napoleon is the shortest and weighs the least of the four children.  But, do not be fooled by physical appearances.  It is not the size of bear in the fight.  It is the size of the fight in the bear.  This bear, Napoleon, has HEART!

He convinced the high school football coach that he was actually 100 pounds so he could join the team.  Hah, 87, maybe 87 1/2 pounds and not an ounce more.  However, the coach had seen him line up against guys twice his size! 

Headstrong, lots of information, even more determination, a force to be reckoned with at all times, an eclectic traditionalist.  He took some detours that did not include a direct in-and-out of college route.  But he made it.  He has done himself well.


Hazel – Napoleon’s Girlfriend

Hazel is a mature young lady who is looking for a good man (obviously, our son) to make a home with–they already bought a house together; ready for moving forward to explore the world–they have traveled with us; and wanting to enjoy herself–she is willing to broaden her life experiences.

Hazel majored in Accounting and was offered a position with Ernst and Ernst in New York when she graduated.  She chose to stay closer to Napoleon and make sure her interests were taken care of.  She’s no dummy! 

She is mature enough to address concerns immediately and judicious enough to know when to let it pass.  She dresses with accessories, bangles, colors and she loves her shoes — boots, high heels, flats, patterns, solids, fuzzies.

Hazel has a beautifully genuine smile.  She wears different hair styles well.  Her nails are always cared for and manicured.  Hazel shops for what she wants and knows how to hunt down the bargains.

Strong personality.  Head screwed on right.  A sense of style.  Her one undeniable and outstanding asset?  Hazel’s Hips!


The Riddler – Son #3

Children are like a box of chocolates . . .  Just because the same two parents go forth and multiply does not equal the same product time after time.

Not too much trouble corralling him because he watched the others and learned from observation what would work and what would not cut the mustard at all.

The Riddler is straight-laced and Mr. Corporate America incarnate.  He loves 3-piece suits — he wore one to The Party King’s college graduation when The Party King himself did not.

The Riddler loves the concept of family.  I think Dr. Jekyll and I have made him think marriage is all good in and of itself, all the time.  The Riddler has always “needed” to have a girl friend, so much so that he eloped with a Katrina victim after 3-4 months of their knowing each other. 


Sugar Frosted Flake – The Riddler’s wife

I should have stressed to The Riddler that you want to date a tutor not the tutee.  The Flake was his tutee.  I still don’t know how they got and stayed together but there must have been a serious need because he majored in Business and she majored in Nursing.  I truly believe that she was using education to get out of her smaller-than-small hometown. 

She claims to be from the suburbs of The Big Easy – HAH!  It is a world away from New Orleans.  But when we went to New Orleans for a visit, she wanted to show us her “hometown” and the destruction of Katrina.

She did not know the city–at all.  And maybe, just maybe, I made a comment or two to that effect.  Something like, “Do you know where we are going?” or “Have you ever been here before?”  That is when and where it all broke down and we have not been able to put it back together again.  And now she see me as the evil mother-in-law.

To the unknowing, she appears to be friendly, caring, God-fearing and any other sugar-coated personality trait that is positive.  Beep, wrong answer! 

It all breaks down when it is time to interact with our side of the family.  She has decided that our entire family is anti- the Sugar Frosted Flake and limits her contact.  She disapproves of The Ridler  Riddler considering the much family interaction.

The Riddler and the Sugar Frosted Flake are exclusive members of their own mutual admiration society.  That’s just Greeeaaat?!?! 

Bitter?  Moi?  Surely you jest!

Did I mention they are living according to ONE Bible verse:  Genesis 2:24.

MD Patches – The Ridler’s daughter

The calmest most laid back baby I have ever seen.  She is the newest baby addition to this group.  She has had her initiation of being with all of us at one time.  She survived.  We are all in love with her.  We pray for her well-being because we know her parents. 


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